Membership software – We Improve Membership Associations

Your membership website + Our membership technology = More members, more revenue


We deliver tangible new services:

  • A Member-to-consumer marketplace
    Providing E-tenders to your members.
  • Websites for your members
    Enable members to build their own websites
  • Member networking
    Allow your members to network & interact
  • Online member discounts

We increase sales:

  • Higher renewal rates
    Improved member satisfaction & ROI
  • New revenue opportunities
    Create premium subscriptions and add-on’s
  • Beat the competition
    Win new members through new services
  • New Advertising Revenue
    Highly target advertising channels for advertising partners

We lift your marketing:

  • Improve your reputation
    Reach new audiences through your consumer-to-member marketplace
  • Increase your website traffic
    Attract new visitors and monetise your website
  • Collect market intelligence
    See real-time market trends & analysis
  • Build newsletter lists
    Run targeted marketing campaigns to marketplace users


A cloud based solution for membership associations is a cloud based service for membership bodies and trade associations worldwide. It allows your organisation to provide powerful new services to your membership and to gain significant business benefits for itself. is designed to integrate securely into your existing membership site and your existing membership software – without the need for complicated integration services. comprises of 3 main components:


MT Consumer Web

A widget that you add to your existing website that creates a marketplace which enable consumers to submit job leads and E-Tenders for your members. Find out more…


MT Member Web

A secure membership area with your brand id where your members can manage their marketplace, build their member websites, collaborate, access discounts and more. Find out more…


MT Web Admin

A powerful administration platform where your organisation can manage and control your community. Find out more…

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